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«A Belarusian biathlete, three-time winner of the 2014 Winter Olympics, two-time biathlon world champion (2012, 2013), winner of several small crystal globes (World Cups), Honored Master of Sport of Belarus»

Darya Domracheva is a Belarusian biathlete, three-time winner of the 2014 Winter Olympics, two-time biathlon world champion (2012, 2013), winner of several small crystal globes (World Cups), Honored Master of Sport of Belarus. She is the first three-time Olympic champion in the world who won all individual competitions in biathlon events at the same Olympic Games. On 17 February 2014, the day when she won her 3rd gold medal, Darya Domracheva was awarded the title Hero of Belarus and thus became the first woman in the history of Belarus who deserved this honorary title.

Darya Domracheva was born in Minsk in 1986 to the family of architects. When she was four her parents moved to the small town of Nyagan (Russia, Siberia) which construction had only begun. At school, Darya took up dancing and basketball, and in 1992 she followed her brother’s example and started practicing cross-country skiing. Devoting almost all her time to training and competitions, Darya didn’t forget about studies at school. She spent her summer holidays in Minsk.

Domracheva started her sports career in biathlon in 1999. After graduation from the high school, she attended university in Tyumen and studied sports management from 2002 until 2003. She returned to Minsk in 2003 and joined Belarus' national biathlon team. As in Minsk they did not have a faculty of Sports Management, Domracheva switched to studying Tourism Management at the Belarusian State Economic University. In 2009 she wrote diploma thesis on the subject «Advertising in the tourism industry”.

In the history of the Belarusian sport Darya Domracheva ranks among the most outstanding sport athletes who have received the highest number of gold medals at the Olympics, along with Vitaly Shcherbo (6 medals, 1992), Olga Korbut (3 medals, 1972) and Vladimir Parfenovich (3 medals, 1980).