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«A Belarusian Soviet theater and film actress»

Stephanie M. Stanyuta (April 30, 1905, Minsk — November 6, 2000, Minsk) — Belarusian Soviet theater and film actress.

Stefania Stanyuta was born on 30th of April (May 13th) in 1905 in Minsk in the family of famous Belarusian artist M. P. Stanyuta. She studied at the parish school and in female government gymnasium.

She has played her first role at age 16 in the play of Vladislav Golybka «Hanka «. In 1918 Stephanie began working as showgirl, dancer and chorus girl in the First Belarusian partnership of drama and comedy of Zhdanovich Florian, which later became in 1920 the first Belarusian State Theatre. She got theater education in Moscow with a group of young Belarusian actors in the Belarusian Drama Studio at the Moscow Art Theatre in the class B. Smyshlyaev and S. Hyacinth. Based on this class in was created by the Second Belarusian Drama Theater Vitebsk in 1926, in which Stephanie M. played until 1932. From 1932 until the end of her life she worked in BelGADT of Y. Kupala name in Minsk. In all she played about 200 roles. One of the well-known is the role in the movie «White Dew «and «People on the swamp.»

War broke out the Kupala’s theater troupe in Odessa. In Minsk Stephanie Stanyuta had her father and son, but the theater has been for a long time in Odessa, where the actress was the head of a group of self-defense. After moving the troupe in Tomsk, she conducted the theater club in the hospital for recovering soldiers. Her film role was in 1958.

She died November 6, 2000 and is buried in Minsk at Eastern Cemetery.

Nowadays the great-granddaughter of Stephanie — Melitina Stanyuta — talented Belarusian gymnast, a multiple winner of World and European championships.

The memorial room for this great actress is in Belarusian State Museum of Theater and Music Culture (Musical lane., 5, Tal. +375 (17) 220 26 67).