Phone numbers: +375 29 637-03-80
+375 17 203-27-94
Address: 18 Rakovskaya St.
near: Subway station «Nemiga»
Opeining hours: Mon – Sun 10:00-06:00 a.m.

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«There are most important dishes: potato pancakes, kalduni, sausages, porridges, soups – everything that foreign guest should definitely try»

Rakovskij suburb, probably, is the most significant surviving part of the old city. To think that behind the massive building along Nemiga Street, Minsk hid the narrow and curved streets of the 17−18th century. Each building has its own history. The 17th century church, ancient bread-baking plant/ bakery plant, synagogue, etc. And where else except for the ancient part of the Belarusian capital you can think about traditional Belarusian cuisine. While exploring this part of Minsk pay attention to the attractive sign «Talaka”.

Joint voluntary work once was called Talaka (eng. «bee'). People helped each other to build houses, to mow/cut, to harvest the crops. And then, also by talaka, they celebrated. Belarusian people were able to celebrate in a big way and have fun all together, i. e. by talaka.

It’s a very cosy place with an excellent cuisine. Just look closely at the walls, the floors, the tables — there is a resembling of a «warm house in the village”. Household goods in the unexpected utilization, shabby floorboards, soft light of the three-liter jars wrapped in burlap are there to be seen. It seems that masters of the house just left for a moment to bring the water from the well or some pickles from the cellar.

And at the same time a waiter in Belarusian suit hurries to you. Probably, a traditional menu of Belarusians was more modest, but Talaka’s chefs are very good in the combining of traditions and modernity. There are most important dishes: potato pancakes, kalduni, sausages, porridges, soups — everything that foreign guest should definitely try. And sweets of course: baked apples, pies. If you’d like the kvass — you are welcome. «Krambambulya”? Don’t ask — just taste it.

When during the delicious meal and leisurely conversation the evening comes, in «Talaka” everyone is ready to play, sing, dance and entertain the dear guests. This is a Belarusian hospitability; this is a «Talaka”. Above all, don’t forget to book the table.

Photo by Сергей Ильин

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