«The Tapas bar»


Phone numbers: (+375 17) 203 11 27
Address: 9 International St.
near: Subway station «Kupalovskaya»
Opeining hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 a.m. - 00:00 a.m.

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creative manager

«The interior reminds you of small restaurant somewhere in Majorca (Mallorca) or on the south coast of the Iberian Peninsula»

There are a lot of places in Minsk where you can have fun and also tasty and eat great food. However my favourite place is «Tapas Bar”. It’s located in the heart of the city and it makes the visitors happy for its cosy atmosphere, excellent service and of course exquisite Spanish cuisine. It should be noted the variety of the snacks; by the way any snack, served to beer or wine, is called «tapas' in Spain. My favourite tapas is a bread with jamón, goat cheese and honey. About the origin of the dish’s name from the word «cover' and why it seems us that portions are small — all necessary information can be found in different historical sources. And meanwhile, I will continue.

Except for the snacks, there are a lot of salads in the menu, quesadillas and the traditional Spanish dish paella. The last one you can order for two or four persons, and there are also several types of Paella: with seafood or with a chicken and shrimps, for example, in Valencia or in Asturias. The desserts as well as the wine menu also deserves special ettention — you can choose any one and you’ll not regret it.

I advise you to book the table in advanced, because this place is very popular among the locals. Even if you come a little earlier, you will be offered to wait at the bar, where cute barman hosts. Usually in such situation he politely takes an interest about your preferences of alcohol, so you immediately start you evening without long waits. At the weekend there is a live music in one of the hall, which beautifully supplements to the Spanish atmosphere. The interior reminds you of small restaurant somewhere in Majorca (Mallorca) or on the south coast of the Iberian Peninsula. There are rooms for smokers or non-smokers, in summer you can sit on the terrace. Speaking about the guests — you can come to this place either with a big company of your friends or with your boyfriend; delicious food and positive emotions are guaranteed to everyone. Wish you ¡buen provecho&! and buenas tardes.

Photo by Сергей Ильин

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