«The Graffiti»


Phone numbers: 8 029 638-44-44
Address: 16 pereulok Kalinina (alley)
Opeining hours: Sun – Thu: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm; Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 02:30 am

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«On an ordinary day at Graffiti one can imagine something like this: there’s a good concert not really advertised beforehand, but still with quite a wide audience (for such a compact placement), musicians, performers’ friends and just casual visitors»

The first bookmark in my browser is the poster of the pub «Graffiti”. «So, what we have today: a children’s rock morning performance, evening blues and a night retro party. I guess I need to buy balloons and sweets for children” - I am thinking, getting on a train in the underground on my way to work. Starting from 1999, the young «owners' of a legendary club of the Minsk underground movement, or bar, or a European pub (call it whatever you want) have received hundreds of guests daily on various occasions: book club meetings, music competitions, professional «Mafia' games, morning children’s rock performances, films, evening blues, jazz, reggae and rock-concerts, night retro parties, rock-star and DJ sets.

Among the invited guests there were: Billy’s Band (St.-Petersburg), Jah Division from Moscow lead by Herbert Morales and amazing Raman Semenov and the BabaCool Foundation (Russia), Feo (Dmitry Porubov) from «Psychea' («Psyshit'), the American bluesman Alaska Kalanen, the jazz performers Ellen Mendonca (Brazil) and Tessa Souter (NY), Dmitry Gaiduk with the project «Rastaman tales', such bands as «Barto' and «Nine', Sasha Rastich («7 Rasa', Russia), «Segodnya Nochju'/'Tonight' (Russia), David Sire (France), Migloko & Suicide DJs (Lithuania), Dan Costello (USA), «Selo i Ludy'/'Country and People' (Ukraine), The Twins Peek (Latvia), PlachMacho (Russia). There were also the most pupular Belarusian performers and bands in the club such as: «Serebrynaya Svadba', Apple Tea, J: mors, Lyavon Volsky, N. R.M., Bez Bileta, Troitsa (Trinity), Crama, Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich, Symphonic Drive Orchestra, Acoustic Band, Kalahari, Aleksandr Bal, Minsker Kapelye, Camerata, Step Hall, Neuro Dubel, CherryVata, Sergei Pukst, Tanin Jazz, Klendike, Valik Grishko, Gurzuf, Detidetei, Addis Abeba, Botanic Project, Chiefs Band, The UNB, Krambambula, Suzore, The Toobes, Nagual and many others.

Nothing has radically changed in the club; except the graffiti on the walls are sometimes redrawn. Prices on beer are not lower than in any ordinary shop, but still quite attractive. The young stuff here tries to keep the atmosphere of total relaxation and laziness.

On an ordinary day at Graffiti one can imagine something like this: there’s a good concert not really advertised beforehand, but still with quite a wide audience (for such a compact placement), musicians, performers' friends and just casual visitors. The equipment is set by the young man caught into the beams of spotlights; nimble waitresses hand round menus; the barmen are already filling up glasses with season drinks and make special shots; but you can see musicians, though not so well as there is a kind of a bar between the audience and the stage. The club is so cramped that it takes minutes to get acquainted. The evening gains strength, clouds your mind, inspires, makes you forget about the problems and about the gray gloomy city outside the walls and out of this general elation, and follows rapidly into the night. The musicians sing an encore for the last time.

People began to disperse, I carefully gather from the tables neatly folded from napkins birds, flowers and ships; and the most pleasant and touching — small notes from visitors: «And maybe in 10−12 years our
children will invite us to Graffiti because they will perform here”.

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