«The Marsim Gorky Central Children's Park»

Minsk for children

Address: 2 Frunze Street
Opeining hours: from 5:00 to 24:00

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«In the daytime its inhabitants are mothers with their baby carriages, in the evening – girls in beautiful dresses, loving couples, cyclists and sportsmen, late in the evening – a lot of companies of students»

Gorky Park is a magical place. It reminds me of Central Park in New York.

The huge park is located right in the centre of the city on the bank of the Svisloch. This park was founded in 1808 (more than 200 years ago!) and it was called «City Park”, but since 1936 it was rename Gorky Park (in honor of the Russian writer). Its central entrance is designed by arched gate that are considered as distinguishing feature/calling card of the park.

The bicycle path, passing along the park, gives it dynamic character. Also many runners are daily doing their run through the park. The park is not very busy but has definitely a very nice atmosphere. Children with their young mothers wearing fashionable caps and ride their three-wheeled bicycles. In the warm season you can always buy a candy floss and popcorn — in general, to sink into the world of childhood. There’re also attractions (either for small children, or for adults). The Ferris wheel is the main one (from its high one can view our beautiful city, sitting in the opened or closed cabin). And cost of such entertainment is about 3 $.

Photo by Анастасия Осиевская

From late spring to early autumn one can see in the park the child’s train with its little passengers, also one can ride on catamarans or small steamboat, or you can also rent a segway — it’s a new unusual kind of transport and entertainment for our inhabitants.

There’re beautiful squirrels living on the trees; timid and bold at the same time, they crack nuts and run from tree to tree.

Minsk doesn’t stand still, and the park changes as well and more often for the better. On the other hand, there is an important downside. There’s the hotel is building in the park for the Ice Hockey World Championship. Of course it’s a good place. But the problem is a lack of sunlight for certain part of the park due to the multi-storied building.

The mass celebrations are organized in the park for holidays. 9 May you can meet veterans of the Great Patriotic War, dressed in full dress with orders and medals. And you can always congratulate them and give them flowers.

For sure the park retains hundreds love stories. In the daytime its inhabitants are mothers with their baby carriages, in the evening — girls in beautiful dresses, loving couples, cyclists and sportsmen, late in the evening — a lot of companies of students. The park is so quiet and peaceful in the afternoon, and nosier in the evening. The park is full of contrasts, but definitely keeps its own little corner for everyone.

Photo by Антон Мартынов
Background photo by Антон Чайка

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