«The Tarantino bar»


Phone numbers: +375 33 377-80-00
+375 29 377-80-00
Address: 5 Kastrychnickaya str.
near: Subway station «Pershamajskaya»
Opeining hours: tue.-sun..: c 18:00 до 06:00

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«If you have always wanted to become a hero of Quentin Tarantino’s iconic films at least for one night, to be in the shoes of Vincent and Jules from "Pulp Fiction", then I’d recommend and even prescribe you to visit “Tarantino Bar”»

If you have always wanted to become a hero of Quentin Tarantino’s iconic films at least for one night, to be in the shoes of Vincent and Jules from «Pulp Fiction», then I’d recommend and even prescribe you to visit «Tarantino Bar”, located within a walking distance from the «Pershamayskaya” metro station.

As you may guess, the bar’s atmosphere is permeated with the spirit of the films by the genius director: from the interior design till its Mexican menu. Such atmospheric rock bars in Minsk can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and «Tarantino Bar” is an exceptional place. Where else would you see walls decorated with footage pics from «Reservoir Dogs” and well-known quotes of the movie characters? And its stage is something unbelievable — a copy of the bar seen in «From Dusk Till Dawn”!

Believe me, you will never regret the time spent here. Live music will help you to relax and find yourself in a completely different world. Would you like to listen to the best Belarusian cover and rock bands? No problem! My special kudos for Gabriel and «Acoustic Blues” - this music band will wake up even the dead. Don’t forget the amazing bartenders who know how to liven up people. If you suddenly get tired of dancing, you can take a break at the table on the second floor and enjoy some of the cocktails.

Well, it’s time for me to stop, otherwise I’ll run to «Tarantino Bar”, again. How many times my friends and I said: «Enough, today we go to another place”, but we always end up in this magic bar.

This is my personal opinion of «Tarantino Bar”. Ohh, I’ve almost forgotten to mention that the price of an entrance ticket is affordable (about 10−15 $), the guard is polite, and you’ll always find your place on the dance floor.

Photo by Tarantino bar

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