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«The residents of Minsk should be really grateful to this talented sculptor for revival of our beloved city»

Vladimir Ivanovich Zhbanov is one of the most famous sculptors of Minsk. Although his works can be seen in other Belarusian cities and even in other countries. You can find it in such cities as Bobruisk, Lida, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Svetlogorsk, Glubokoe, Maladziechna, in Moscow, in Dusseldorf, Pavlograd.

I would like to tell you about the Komarovsky market sculptures. Seems like they were there forever, but in fact it just over 10 years.

At that time, Vladimir Zhbanov in a conversation with journalists admitted that the prototype for the «Horses» was the steed of Ratomka named Expertise. On the back of Expertise in bronze — a small rider — a sparrow. Sparrow sometimes is being screwed, and then it appears on the horse’s back again. :)

Beside the horses there is Chekhov lady with her dog (similar sculpture you can find in Mogilev). From what era it has been brought here? It seems that way from the 19th century. Yes, it seems that dogs aren’t walked like that anymore. It seems that she has been preparing for this half of the day, she made her hair done, delayed the corset, straightened bows on her hat. Not surprisingly, she is taken on a picture by a photographer. To his way of dressing sometimes people carp: the photographer is dressed in the fashion of the early twentieth century, and the camera is clearly written: «Polaroid» (the company began producing cameras only in the late forties).

him at his place and studied; photographed… Birds in the end came important and proud. In the winter they are covered sometimes with snow together with the fountain, so that they cannot always be photographed.

But the central figure of the market — «Grandma with sunflower seeds» («Grandma komariha») is the statue of another sculptor (Oleg Kupriyanov). Despite the fact that the market is closed on Mondays, Grandma is there the whole day selling the seeds and feeding the birds. Birds, by the way, as the sparrow on the horse a lot of times have been screwed.

Zhbanov has many sculptures in the other parts of the city.

Not far away from the market, near the Central Department Store (ZUM) on the Square of Jacob Kolasa I can peek the scenes from family life — confused parents that are tired to pull up their kids who play the ape in front of the mirrors.

Near the cinema «Octyabr» you can find a postman that had decided to have break with his bike next to the flowerbed.

From here on, you can take the metro to the subway station «Lenin square”, then go around the building on the right of the red church, it has a monument of the architect (in honor of all the architects who build Minsk). He was supposed to hold a pencil in a first version, but by making a sketch, the sculptor found it primitive and decided to show not how the architect works, but how it works when he embodies the idea.

Where to go now? Maybe to the town hall? There stands a cart (in memory of the first governor of Minsk), drawn by two horses, sometimes the passersby at dusk for take it for a real attraction.

After passing a couple of stops from Nemiga on the bus, you will be taken to the Suvorov Military School, where you can find the sculpture «little general «. Indeed, small and puny little boy, probably who have taken grandfather’s uniform and cap, had ran barefoot to the threshold and put his hand to his cap, as an adult…

If you are not tired, and you’re a fan of street sculptures, then you can go to the mill in the Simon Bolivar park (near the street Pervomayskaya), see the sauna attendant on the Maskoyskaya street, he greets baths # 7 visitors.

And near the «World of Fitnes «on ave. Popediteley 20/1 can be found even Greek goddess of the same author Zhbanov.

In general, residents of Minsk should be really grateful to this talented sculptor for revival of our beloved city.

The most famous sculptures there are in the Mikhailovski Square park.

Photo by Сергей Ильин

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