«The Red patio»

Unusual places

Address: 7 Revolutsionnaya Street
near: Subway station «Nemiga»

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«It’s an amazing combination old time spirit and modern street art»

The human heart has four valves, each of them performing a vital function. When something bad happens, not all valves are replaceable, one of them is the most important, without it a person could die, prosthetics
is impossible. There is such a valve in the heart of our city. And this valve is called Krasny Dvorik. Read about it below.

Photo by Юлия Лискавец

It is interesting that some native people of the city have never been there, even those who wanted to visit it. Perhaps the solution to this problem is that it is not so easy to find. It is easy to come across, but those
who want to get there, do not always do that even with the help of navigation. Could it be different with magic places? The cast iron latticed gate in the arch of the building number 7 on Revolutionary Street in the center of Old Minsk is the only true way to get there. Unremarkable black gate and the tunnel of gloomy arch, perhaps are one the reason why tourists and city residents pass it by. But if you enter the door, you will get into another dimension. You will not notice how time goes back 100 years ago. And even air conditioners sticking out of the windows and painted walls of the house will not give you a chance to doubt

It’s an amazing combination old time spirit and modern street art. This yard will certainly remind of Odessa to those who’ve been there. The only thing missing for complete similarity to the yards of this picturesque seaside town is clothes-lines. The red house has long required at least redecorating; and it seems that nobody wants to undertake it. Just because everyone is afraid to disturb something there. Small windows attract with their strangeness and mystery and you see nothing through them; it’s very interesting that there’s someone who opens and closes the windows every morning and every evening. Krasny Dvorik has long become the abode for creative people — artist, musicians, writers and photographers. There’re live music concerts, photo exhibitions, performances, lectures and even evening open-air film screenings.

The sky here looks very special as well. It differs from when you look at the sky just walking down the street. Through the red shabby-lookingframe the sky is really magical. As well as air with which everything is filled. This place attracts with its inscrutability. If you come there with your sweetheart, don’t hide your feelings. Especially in such places even a cynic can turn into a romantic, trust me! It’s amazing that only 5 yards under the arch and you find yourself in a completely different atmosphere! It seems that you are millions of steps away from the place where you’ve decided totake a lip.

Creativity of the works of local graffiti artists and of the decorations, crafted by guys from tattoo-salon, really surprises. By the way, this salon is located right in this house and is an obligatory place to visit. There’s something that would surprise everyone; the interior is thought to every detail. Also a local hairdresser, whose body is covered with tattoos, like bodies of the other inhabitants of the salon, can do your hair in a creative way. Besides the tattoo-salon, there’s also an office of creative cluster in the yard. If you don’t have a camera, the guys from the cluster will make sure that good memories from your visit to Old Minsk stay bright as long as possible. There you’ll also find access to Wi-Fi. A bicycle parking is provided. You won’t leave this yard, there’s always a feeling that you can spend nightlong there, absorbing all mysteries and, maybe, learning something really important.

Background photo by Сергей Ильин

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