«The Fire house»

Old Minsk

Phone numbers: (8017) 328 54 28
(8017) 203 34 30
Address: 12 Haradski Val Street
Opeining hours: Working hours: 9.00-18.00 (except Saturday and Sunday)
lunch break: 13.00-14.00.

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«Besides, the Firefighting Department №1 is located in the same building, which is, by the way, a 19th-century architectural monument»

If you really need to calm down and think in a peaceful place, you will not find a better place than a museum. Exhibit items keep history, sometimes of many centuries! Wherever you go in the museum, you follow the right path, and if go astray, museum attendants will always give you the necessary directions.

One of the coziest museums Minsk is the Museum of Firefighting and Emergency Response Service, opened on August 18, 2001. Besides, the Firefighting Department № 1 is located in the same building, which is, by the way, a 19th-century architectural monument. The five sections of the exhibition tell you about the formation stage and organization of fire-fighting and emergency response service in Minsk and the Republic, covering the early period of fire science in the Middle Ages to modern times.

Visitors are welcomed to visit the 19th-century fire station, to learn what equipment was used during fire fighting and why horses needed gas masks. Do you know that in the Middle Ages housewives pestled water during a rainless summer in order to prevent a fire? Or, for instance, according to the 1588 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, people suspected of arsons died at the stake? What is the story behind the modern symbol of the Belarusian Ministry for Emergency Situations? In sum, you will learn lots of new things!

The Museum of Firefighting is an ideal place for having a date. The place where sparks you feel will not be dangerous. =) The place where nothing and (almost) no one will bother you. Moreover, the museum is more interesting than a restaurant and warmer than a park.

Dear Minsk residents, there are many places in the city where you can feel secure and at peace. Just visit any place that you have never thought to enter, such as the Fire of Firefighting. Good luck and observe traffic rules!

Photo by Сергей Ильин

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