«The Minsk Church of St. Roch»


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«Since then this St. Roch is known as a patron of the Belarusian capital»

The Roman Catholic Church of Holy Trinity (known also as the Minsk Church of St. Roch) was built in 1864 upon the project by M. Sivitsky, academician of St. Petersburg Arts Academy, in substitution for a wooden church standing there before.

There are many interesting facts related to the Church of Holy Trinity. One of the legends explains the origin of the name Zolotaya Gorka (in Russian it means the Golden Hill) where the church is located. Once, a terrible epidemic of a contagious disease broke out in the city. People died so quickly that they couldn’t be even buried. One of the parishioners — a doctor by profession — proposed to build a church in honor of St. Roch, catholic saint who dedicated his life to helping the people suffering from plague and other infectious diseases. The doctor spread his coat on the ground, where all the believers could leave their donations: gold coins and jewelry. As a result, the coat was full of gold very soon.

Photo by Сергей Ильин

Another legend has it that during one of the cholera epidemics one Minsk citizen had a dream in which Saint Roch had told him to find a statue buried under the ruins of the Church of benefactors in order to save the city. After the lengthy search the wooden statue of Saint Roch was found, cleaned and carried around the city in a solemn procession. Afterwards it was placed in a wooden chapel on the Golden Hill. As the epidemic began to wane, the statue was recognized as a miracle-working statue.

Photo by Алексей Варган

Since then this saint is known as a patron of the Belarusian capital.

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